Scientific Articles
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Scientific Articles

The Socrates Almanac is an international academic journal published in Oxford working towards promoting innovation in business, science and education. This is a multi-volume digest of human achievement in the twenty-first aiming to highlight the importance of international achievement, promote innovation for business, healthcare and education and create a publishing community for the Academic Union, Oxford.

Editorial Board of the Socrates Almanac publishes special issues of scientific articles dedicated to AUO trainings and events.

The publication has received a permanent registration in the world famous Bodleian Library (official library of Oxford University) and is also featured in the bookshelves of multiple universities and world capitals.



      Socrates Almanac – Science Articles – 2017-8/1 

      Socrates Almanac – Science Articles – 2017-8/2 

      Socrates Almanac – Science Articles – 2017-8/3