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About the Socrates Almanac

The Socrates Almanac is an international academic journal published in Oxford working towards promoting innovation in business, science and education.

This is a multi-volume digest of human achievement in the twenty-first aiming to highlight the importance of international achievement, promote innovation for business, healthcare and education and create a publishing community for the Academic Union.
The Editorial Board of the Socrates Almanac works with the Europe Business Assembly in order to build the bridge between different fields of education and business. The predominant focus of the editorial board is to promote leaders, ideas, and innovative solutions that all contribute to the development and humanization of modern society. We are proud to present a journal dedicated to intellectual potential and investment priorities worldwide.
Each publication is dedicated to one of EBA’s representative summits, hosted in London, Oxford, Vienna, Valetta and other cities. The Summits gather the best representatives of national elites from around the world.
The publication has received a permanent registration in the world famous Bodleian Library (official library of Oxford University) and is also featured in the bookshelves of multiple universities and world capitals.

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Introducing the past editions of the Almanac 

Socrates Almanac 2013

Volume I."Science and education 2013. Oxford View"

Published in December 2013 and presented at the Oxford Summit of Leaders "Science and Education". This edition is dedicated to the most interesting research in recent years, advanced training methods, promising solutions to global problems and the mechanisms of finance.  The collection contains world university rankings, innovative projects, educational programmes, popular science articles, information and biographical materials, and journalistic essays that explore representatives of business, scientific, and creative circles.

The Socrates Almanac ‘Innovative city of the future’

Volume II. "Innovative City of the Future"

The publication is dedicated to the most interesting scientific research, promising innovative solutions and best practice of managing modern city urbanization. The Almanac also presents plans from cities and successful projects in the fields of urban planning, management, transport, IT, environment, culture and tourism and finance and investment. One section of the Almanac is dedicated to presenting materials and business cards of leading companies working towards city development.

Socrates Almanac 'Health and Wellness Tourism'Volume III. "Health and Wellness Tourism"

Published in June 2014 and presented at the Health and Wellness Tourism Summit of Leaders, held in Stresa (Italy, Piedmont). The focus of the editorial board regarding this publication is the medical tourism industry. Particular emphasis is placed upon companies ensuring effective communication of potential patients with major industry players. The reader can learn about the positive experience of health and wellness centres that provide medical services to patients from many different countries. Furthermore, there is also advanced research into treatment and prevention of disease, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and wellness practices.  

Socrates Almanac 2013

Volume IV. "Science and education 2014"

This publication discusses new discoveries and innovations in the field of science and education Scientific and analytical articles by leading scientists from different countries are also featured alongside materials that describe the best representatives in education and science, leading universities and research centres. 

The Socrates Almanac ‘Innovative city of the future’

Volume V. "Innovative Jump into the Future"

The Socrates Almanac 2015: "Innovative Jump into the Future" is an international academic publication by the Europe Business Assembly (ЕВА) and The International Club of Leaders, UK. It covers influential and promising innovations in science, culture, business management and creative research projects. The collection contains analytical materials about the conventions of modern society, registers of successful international companies, investment projects, biographical materials, and media presentations.. 

Socrates Almanac-2017

Volume VI. "Prime Business Destination"

The Socrates Almanac 2015 "Prime Business Destinations" is dedicated to the development of cities and regions, in three key investment spheres: education, health care and urban planning Click image to view. 


Socrates Almanac-2016 cover

Volume VII. Information edition - The Academic Union

The publication contains analytical and informational materials on organizations and their leaders, who cooperated with Europe Business Assembly in 2016 and work in main fields of activity of modern society – science and education, medicine, healthcare, and city sustainment, as well as scientific articles, investment projects and programs of cooperation, and innovation schemes in the field of business management.